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We are your independent concept sparring partner and full-scope business building unit for your next digital market opportunities.




We are entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts who turn insights into impact.

We are an independent business think tank and product development laboratory based in Berlin. We seek opportunities in fast-paced environments and deliver outcomes that create value for customers, creators and stakeholders alike.

We identify, create and grow new sustainable businesses from scratch.

We extract market innovations and spot customer trends that enable business owners and leaders to make deliberate business decisions regarding market expansions, portfolio diversification and product-to-market fit executions.

Our full-stack venture building services you can trust & rely on.

From storyline to spreadsheet. From concept design to customer experience. With our three key service modules we are supporting you across all strategic and operative disciplines of successful venture building and business value creation.

Stay up-to date and get inspired

Join our AI News Room and benefit from our research and discussions on trends, opportunities and risks attached to artificial intelligence.

We discuss prevalent topics on the impact of AI on human lifes, economic settings, organisational culture and policy making. Expect thorough and critical takes on the benefits and threats that guide this ever changing transition.

AI – The new kid on the block. But what is it good for? How does it affect current practices? What can we expect in the coming times? We select traditional and buzzing industry sectors and evaluate product opportunities and service innovations that emerge through the enhancement of AI.

Machine learning. Neural networks. Deep learning. Generative AI. – What do these terms really mean? To what extent are they fiction or already in place? We share insights about the state of AI technology and discuss quantity and quality of outputs.

Business Logic

In our first service module we establish foundational elements of business objectives, strategic positionings and venture financing.

Throughout deep industry and consumer research we extract new business opportunities, validate market concepts and assess economic viability.

Ecosystem Analysis
Customer Profiling
Value Proposition
Revenue Chanels
Business Model Validation
Investments & VC
Economic Forecasts

Product Design

In our Product Design module we plan, design and create the total life-cycle of market offers.

Whether physical consumer goods or digital service solutions, we incorporate all added-value sequences along creative and engineering processes, supply-chain and procurement relationships, tech-stack architectures and UX interfaces. We transfer ideas into real-life customer benefits.
Design Concepts
Portfolio Concepts
User Experience Testings

Market Capture

In our Market Capture module we take strategic planning and product developments onto the streets, respectively into the consumers’ hands.
We build up brand homes and set up digital communication and sales channels that effectively reach and engage with target consumers. From brand story to check-out button we strategize and create the total customer journey experience that evokes lasting customer life-time value.
Brand Identity
Marketing Campaigns
Performance Marketing
Fulfilment Management
Customer Life-Time Management

Selected industries and target markets we focus on.

Our consulting environment is agnostic of industry segments and product groups. From consumer psychology and sustainability practices to technological advancements and digital innovations, we transfer general rules of supply-demand market relations to your individual business advantages. On point. In time. With results.