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Business design & product building for digital ventures.

I am your independent concept development partner and full-scope business building unit for your next digital market opportunities.

Lucas Jansa

As a Venture Consultant and Project Management Expert I team up with entrepreneurs and business developers for identifying and achieving new business objectives.

How do I approach venture challenges?


At zerohype I research and verify new venture concepts,
design, build and test new products,
shape marketing strategies and load sales channels.

Focus Fields

Along four contiguous project stages I consult on opportunities and strategies and manage the product from concept to roll-out.





Methods & Process

I follow a systematic development process that generates relevant insights and extracts new business ideas, opportunity fields and value propositions from them.


The research and analysis on market trends and dynamics emerging from economical, psychological, technological and regulatory inputs. On selected topics agnostic of industry and target groups, I produce reports about consumer and competitor relations with these topics and what new business value can be gained from them.


A strong value proposition is clear, customer-centric, compelling, and concise. It effectively communicates the unique value and benefits of a product or service, addresses customer needs, sets the offering apart from competitors, and leaves a lasting impression on the audience.


Business Model

Direct Forces

External Forces

Insights & Analysis

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Christoph Lucas Jansa

Venture Builder | Strategy Advisor | Product Developer

About myself

My passion and subject matter expertise is the identification and realisation of new business opportunities that emerge from service digitalisations, product innovations and legal regulations.

In my experiences as co-founder, project manager and business consultant I’ve participated along different industry segments at different project stages and obtained many insights into the  functions and dependencies between venture concepts, business economics and market strategies.

On the operational side, I’ve been widely involved in the architecture and user experience of software solutions, particularly in the space of customer journey designs, performance marketing and e-commerce solutions.

In my previous work experience I’ve been twice directly involved in the founding of new companies and supported several start-ups in building organisational structures and executing product development and go-to-market operations.

Besides the design and value development of physical products, including the management of supply-chain partners, procurement, quality assurance and logistics, I’ve shifted my focus in recent years foremost on the development and lifecycle management of software products and services in digital marketing and sales spaces.

Recently, I’ve further expanded my competences in the greater area of AI applications and its usage and impact on operational processes, user benefits and legal risk assessments.

Education Background

Certified Web-Developer

Web-Master Europe certification for web-development with JavaScript ES6, ReactJS, NodeJS, Express.

MBA - TU Munich

MBA degree (AACSB Level) at TU Munich with focus on innovation management and business creation. Placement semester at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business.

B.A / Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

B.A. / Engineer's degree at Amsterdam University of Applied Science with focus on product development and supply-chain management. Semester placement at Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India.

Methods & Models

Operational Excelence

Topic Deep-Dives

Skills & Passion


Administrative & Data Analysis

Web & App Development

Web & SEO Analytics

Gather insights. Collect ideas. Select by opportunity. I conduct research reports on emerging market trends, technological advancements and consumer behaviours backed by quantitative data and qualitative observations.

Market Research & Analysis

Ideation & Vetting

Establish business objectives, strategic positionings and venture economics. Starting from the value proposition I structure the business model and validate its desirability, feasibility and viability.

Business Model

Business Case

Transfer ideas into real-life customer benefits. Whether physical consumer goods or digital service solutions, I incorporate all added-value sequences along creative and engineering processes, supply-chain and procurement relationships, tech-stack architectures and UX interfaces.

Design & Development

Testing & Adjusting

Build up brand homes and set up digital communication and sales channels. From brand story to check-out button I strategize and create the total customer journey experience that evokes lasting customer life-time value.

Marketing & Promotion

Sales & Fulfilment